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Noël DEROSE, Se il mondo sapesse

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French scholar Fernand Crombette died unknown in Tournai, Belgium in 1970. He signed most of his works simply as "A French Catholic”. His legacy is monumental: 16,000 pages of tightly-woven research contained in 38 volumes and two atlases, dealing with geography, astronomy and the history of Mediterranean peoples. It is a historical and scientific work of great importance, re-establishing the long-awaited budge between the Catholic faith and a renewed science, in perfect accord with biblical data.

The principal volumes of Monsieur Crombette cover the geography of the earth before and after the Flood; prehistory; the chronology and history of the peoples of Mediterranean Antiquity; as well as a new vision conceming Astronomy.

The discoveries of this learned man were the fruit of a new method of deciphering hieroglyphics. This allowed him to write the true history of the Egyptians, the Cretans and the Hittites — straight from the inscriptions (principally the royal "cartouches"). The history of these peoples need henceforth no longer be a fantasy or a gratuitous thesis, but rather the truth! At the end of his researches, he discovered that Coptic (the language of the Egyptians, and thus of Moses) could help towards a better understanding of the Bible. From that came a translation, by means of Coptic, of the first eleven chapters of Genesis — considerably enriching our knowledge of the history of the first men, from Adam down to the descendants of Noah.

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